How to Add Video to your Playeasy Profile

Add video content directly to your Playeasy profile. Here's how it works.

Playeasy users have the ability to add a YouTube or Vimeo video directly to the 'Home' tab of their Playeasy profile. This will allow Destinations and Event Organizers to showcase their best promotional video content and increase visitors' length of stay on these profiles.

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How To Add Video to Your Playeasy Profile

  1. Go to your Playeasy profile and click 'View as Admin' to edit
  2. You will now arrive on your editing wizard on the 'Home' tab
  3. Under 'Home' scroll down to the 'Marketing Information' section
  4. Copy your preferred video link
  5. Paste your video link in the 'Featured YouTube video' section
  6. Click the yellow 'Save Changes' button
  7. Click 'View Public Profile' to preview your video on your profile
  8. Your video should appear to the right of your profile under the 'Quick Links' section. Visitors can play the video directly here.

Feel free to reach out to at any time for assistance uploading your video.


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