How to Access Your Event QR Codes on Playeasy

This article explains how to access and share your custom Event QR Codes on Playeasy.

How to access your Event QR Codes

Your Event pages all come with a custom QR Code card for you to download & share! 

To access your QR codes, head to your Playeasy Organization Event page. On the 'Home' tab of the public view, the right side of the page has a 'Quick Links' section. Click 'View QR Code'. This custom image pulls from your profile's header image & logo. Feel free to update those if you'd like to change your QR Code Card.

How to share your Event QR Codes

Print out your QR Code to display at your Event for attendees to scan & learn more about what to do in the area after the game! 

To share your QR code, click 'Download' to save the image & print it to display at conferences, events, etc! Feel free to create your own custom imagery with your custom QR code to share your Playeasy profile in person.

We hope this helps! For extra support, reach out to or contact us here anytime!