What is Playeasy and how does it work?

Harness the power of digital connection on Sports Tourism's social network.

What is Playeasy?

About Playeasy - Founded in 2018, Playeasy has rapidly become the largest online network of sports Destinations, Sports Facilities, Event Organizers, Events, and Vendors in the US. Playeasy allows all players in the sporting event and tourism industry to find, communicate and connect on one seamless platform to streamline and grow their business.

How does it work?

Event Organizers come to Playeasy to market their events and find new locations for future events.  They can search the Facility and Destination Marketplaces that are a good match for their specific event.

What can you do here?

  • Showcase your Facility digitally
  • Seamlessly generate new leads & find RFPs
  • Market the events you're hosting to millions
  • Grow, communicate & engage with your network

You're in control

You choose who you'd like to host.  We alert you of possible fits so you can decide if it's an event that's right for you. All communication can be done directly through the platform.  If you have a question on an RFP, or need more information, send them messages directly through the platform.

24/7 support

You can think of us as an extension of your team.  We are here to help and learn from you, to continue to build a product that can help bring sports tourism to the digital realm.