What is Playeasy and how does it work?

Bringing facility booking to the 21st century.

Playeasy officially began in 2018, after a group of friends became fed up with the inability to connect with and schedule athletic space to hold our own events.  After spending a few years in market research, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the solution to help make athletic space, and therefore sports, more accessible to everyone.  The team is made up of former pro & collegiate athletes and technology professionals whose passions lie at the intersection of sports & technology. 

How it works

Renters come to Playeasy to find space for their events.  Similar to an "Airbnb" or an "OpenTable" model" for athletic spaces, customers see search results in real-time with profiles, photos and more.  They can filter the results to find the facilities that are a good match for their specific event.

A renter can choose to either:

  • request your facility directly, or
  • put their event up for bid

All communication can be done directly through the platform.  If you have a question for the renters, or need more information, send them messages directly through the requested event.

Once you receive a request, you have two options:

1. Decline the request - which immediately removes the event from your pipeline

2. Send an offer to host the event

You're in control

You choose who you want to rent your spaces to.  We give you the information upfront so you can decide if it's an event you'd like to host. If you're not available, or do not want to host the event, we've made it easy to give a simple "Pass" on event.  You're also in control of setting up the payment amount, and the invoice due dates. 

Trusted services

Playeasy helps make renting space easy, secure and safe. We verify all facilities and organizations that are signed up on Playeasy.

24/7 support

You can think of us as an extension of your team.  We are here to help and learn from you, to continue to build a product that can help bring the facility booking process into the 21st century.