How do I share my Playeasy Event pages?

This article walks through our tip tips for sharing your Playeasy Event pages.

Your Playeasy Event pages are Google-optimized all-in-one webpages to showcase your Events to participants & spectators. These webpages are already built to appear high up in organic Google search results, across the Playeasy platform & our partner networks.

How can you take it a step further & share your Event pages to participants & spectators for even more exposure? Here are our top tips:

  1. Post about your Event on Playeasy
    1. Once you market your Event, create a post on Playeasy to spread the word & bring more views to your Event page! All you need is a post title, quick text, and photo! The Playeasy Team will tag the post to both your profile & the Event page to increase your visibility & add more content to your Event page. 
    2. Click here to start a post
  2. Send your Event pages to your email distribution list
    1. Your Event page links are public to share! Participants & spectators do not need to create a Playeasy account to access your Event. We recommend sending your Event page link within your emails to your coaches, parents, players, etc. to help them plan their trip ahead of time. 
    2. The earlier the better! As soon as your Event page is live, start sending it out for participants & spectators to access registration, ticket & hotel links to grow your event!
  3. Post your Event page link on social media
    1. It's always a great idea to post on your social channels about upcoming events. Your Playeasy Event pages are perfect to link to in social media posts about your Event for anyone interested to learn more. This will only boost your Event page views.
  4. Print your Custom Event QR Code to display at events
    1. Your Event pages all come with a custom QR Code card for you to download & share! This article walks through how to access your QR Codes.
    2. Print out your QR Code to display at your Event for attendees to scan & learn more about what to do in the area after the game.

    Have more questions? We're here to help! Reach out to or contact us here anytime!