Guide to the Public View of Your Event Organization Profile

This article explains the information included on the public view of your Event Organization profile on Playeasy.

Let's walk through your Event Organization profile! Event Organizations on Playeasy can communicate everything about their Organization all in-one-place.


Your Home tab is displayed first. This gives an overview of your organization to anyone who visits your page all in-one-place. 

  • Add photos, a description, documents, typical event information, event types and locations you’re interested in. 
  • Add a video, your social media, and access a custom branded QR Code to the right under quick links. 
  • Any posts or events you market will show up on the right as well.
  • Below, your contacts are listed for Playeasy users to connect with you.
  • This profile can all be accessed and shared on the mobile app, too!

Next, your Photos tab is a gallery of images that paint a picture of your organization. Upload unlimited photos to display your overall event experience. 

  • Photos must be under 2MB to upload to Playeasy. Need an assist? Contact us here!


The Posts tab becomes a custom newsfeed of all content you post on the platform to provide an inside look into your organization and events for participants and possible future hosts. 

Upcoming Events

On the next tab, all of your upcoming events are displayed here in a directory view.

  • Users can filter by sport, date range and more to find their perfect event and boost your registration.
  • The Marketplace view functions as a custom-branded events calendar for your organization, allowing users to scroll through the interactive map. 


Public RFPs you post on Playeasy appear here for Destinations and Facilities to view.

  • Here, potential hosts can sort with filters or click into RFPs to learn more and send you a message. 

Event History 

Here, you can build out your event resume to give Destinations an idea of the types & scale of events you've hosted in the past to build credibility.

  • Additionally, any time an upcoming event passes, it automatically slides right to event history and help build out your portfolio without any extra work. 

Need assistance on your profile? Contact us here or reach out to!