Guide to Playeasy's Enhanced Analytics

This article will break down Playeasy's enhanced reports dashboard.

How do I access my reports dashboard?

Can I track specific clicks on my pages?

Guide to the dashboard

How do I access my reports dashboard?

To access your reports dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the 'Admin View' of your Destination, Facility, or Event Organization Profile
    1. To access your profile head to the 'Home' Tab
    2. On the left-hand tool bar, there is a 'Memberships' Tab that should have your profile listed if you are a manager on it 
    3. Click the name of your Destination, Facility or Organization
    4. This should automatically open the 'Admin View' of your profile (If for some reason the admin view does not open, there is an option on the top right of the profile below the banner image to select 'View as Admin')
  2. From here, select the 'Reports' Tab on the top nav bar
  3. You are now on your Reports Dashboard. This will automatically display your Profile Overview. To switch categories, click the arrow next to Reports and select which analytics you would like to view.

Can I track specific clicks on my pages?

Yes, you can now track clicks on the call-to-action links on your Event pages (registration, ticket, and hotel link clicks). You can track these clicks across all of your Event pages on the Event Performance category of your Reports Dashboard. You can also track clicks on individual Event pages by heading to an Event you manage, clicking 'View as Admin' and clicking the 'Analytics tab.

Guide to the Dashboard

On the 'Reports' tab on your Destination profile's admin view, you can now select to view an analytics breakdown of profile activity, facility overview, partner overview, and event performance.

  • Profile Activity: Analytics from your Destination profile and its subpages
  • Facility Overview: Gathers analytics across all of your Playeasy Facility profiles
  • Partner Overview: Gathers analytics across all of your Playeasy Local Business profiles
  • Event Performance: Analytics plus registration, ticket & hotel click tracking across all of your Playeasy Event pages

Your Reports Dashboard defaults to display your overall profile activity from the past 30 days. On the top right, you can switch this to display data from the past 30, 90 or 180 days. Here's the content displayed:

  • Profile Views: The sum of all page (web) or screen (mobile) views for a given profile and its subpages for a given time.
  • Unique Visitors: A distinct count of all visitors to a profile over a given time.
  • Engagement Time:  The total time across all users in which they have the page or app screen in focus.
  • Regional Profile Views: This interactive map displays total views by state.
  • Profile Views Over 30, 90 or 180 Days: Total profile views broken down by date of arrival
  • Source Views Over the last 30, 90 or 180 Days: Breaks down where you're viewers are arriving from, whether directly from Playeasy, Google, social media channels, etc.

Your Event Performance Dashboard now also tracks your call-to-action clicks across all of your events. You can also view this data on individual events by heading to their Admin View and clicking the 'Analytics' tab. Here's a breakdown of your Event Performance Dashboard clicks section:

  • Registration clicks: Total clicks on all of your events' registration links
  • Ticketing clicks: Total clicks on all of your events' ticket links
  • Hotel clicks: Total clicks on all of your events' hotel and hotel special links

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