Guide to Playeasy's Enhanced Analytics

This article walks through your enhanced analytics on Playeasy for Event Organizers.

On the Reports tab on your Destination profile's admin view, you can now select to view an analytics breakdown of profile activity, event performance, hotel pickup, or promotion redemption. Your Reports Dashboard defaults to display your overall profile activity from the past 30 days. On the top right, you can switch this to display data from the past 30, 90 or 180 days.  

To access your Analytics/Reports, head to your Organization profile and click 'View as Admin' on the top right. Head to the 'Reports' tab and select the report you'd like to view from the dropdown.

  • The Profile Activity report displays all views & engagement across your Organization profile on Playeasy.
  • Your Event Performance report will show you your total registration, hotel, and ticket link clicks across all your events so you can measure your success.
  • The Hotel Pickup report will detail the breakdown of clicks per hotel per event.
  • The Promotion Redemption report will demonstrate the number of visitors and clicks on event promotions.  

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