Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sports ETA and Playeasy

What do I Get with Bronze?

What do I Get with Bronze? 

A Bronze account allows you to keep your profile, be listed towards the bottom of the Playeasy marketplace and receive inbound messages from users who might find your profile through the marketplace. You will no longer be able to view RFP’s or be alerted about new hot leads, search for event organizers, see viewer analytics, Integrate Threshold 360 tours or other embedded content, or be able to take advantage of features coming soon, such as create unlimited targeted posts to event organizers, market events your hosting/ have hosted, or have users follow your profile. 


What if I’m a Sports ETA member? 

As a Sports ETA member on the Bronze tier, you will still get access to RFP’s on Playeasy that come from Sports ETA’s website. Currently this is about 5% of our RFP’s. The other 95% you will not have access to. 


What is the benefit of joining now vs later? 

Currently, there is a $1,500 discount on our Gold tier before November 1st. After November 1st this discount will expire, and the price for Gold will be $4,995/ year. The Gold tier allows you to create unlimited targeted posts/ advertisements to the Playeasy network, allowing you to create posts that will appear on the news feeds of event organizers based on sport, event organizer size, regions of interest, etc. You can also showcase all your past and future events that you’ve thrown, see viewer analytics for your profile and posts, and gain followers for your profile.