Exploring the Vendor Marketplace & connecting with potential sponsors

This article explains how to explore the Vendor Marketplace and find potential sponsors on Playeasy.

What is a Vendor on Playeasy?

Any business or organization that provides goods or services to enhance sporting events. On Playeasy, Vendors have interactive profiles that Event Organizations can connect with or partner with for event sponsorships. Vendors can be found in Playeasy's Vendor Marketplace.

How do I search the Vendor Marketplace?

Click 'Vendor Marketplace' under your 'Quick Links' to explore all Vendors on Playeasy. This Marketplace houses all service providers in the Sports Event & Tourism Industry on Playeasy. 

On the left, search by Vendor name, or filter by Services Offered, Vendor Type, Customers Supported, or Locations Served to find a possible partner for you.

Click 'Follow' to stay in the loop with Vendors of interest. Click into any profile to learn more about the services each Vendor provides to sporting events. 

We hope this helps! Have additional questions. Please reach out to support@playeasy.com or click here to contact us anytime.