Destinations: Navigating your Home Tab on Playeasy

On Playeasy, Destinations can access their profile, check out sports content, prospect the marketplaces and more right from their Home tab. This article walks through how to navigate your Home tab and jump to your profile.

After logging into Playeasy, you will arrive on your Homescreen. This is your command center for everything you can do on the platform. 

Left Side Personal Tools 

  • On the left, your personal profile, Destination profile, and favorites are stored. 
    Up top is your own personal profile. Similar to a personal LinkedIn profile, you can make updates here.

Personal Profile Updates 

  • Add a headshot and your job title so users know who on your profile to contact for specific inquiries.
  • Add your contact information like email and phone to allow connections to reach you outside the platform. 


  • Your memberships section is where you can access your Destination Profile & any additional profiles that you are a manager on, like an event page.


  • Your Favorites section is where you can bookmark any profiles that you want to have quick access to, like followed organizations, liked RFPs and events. To add favorites, simply click the Like or Follow buttons on Playeasy profiles of interest.

Sports Hubs 

  • Below, Playeasy’s Sports Hubs break Playeasy down by sport. These are a great way to target Event Organizers, Participants, & spectators interested in a particular sport. Your marketed events and posts about these sports will appear here.
  • Feel free to explore these to prospect these specific sports.

Right Side Marketplaces

  • The right side of your Command Center stores the actions you can take on behalf of your Organization, including all of Playeasy’s Marketplaces and Directories.
  • We have additional videos that dive into how to take advantage of our marketplaces for research & prospecting.

Center - Newsfeed

  • The center of your home screen houses Playeasy’s newsfeed of user generated content across the platform. Gold Destinations, Facilities, and Event Organizers can post unlimited content here to reach the Playeasy network. To create a post, click the ‘Start a Post’ button above.

Jump to Profile 

  • To navigate to your profile, head to your Memberships Tab and click your Destination name.  
    This will immediately take you to the Admin View of your profile 

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