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What is a Destination profile?

Your profile is a great way for others to learn more about your location before they decide where to hold their events.  When your profile is complete, it helps Event Organizers feel that you're reliable and authentic, and a great place to have their event.  Your profile is where you show your Destination off, and it should reflect all that you have to offer.  A great, complete profile makes all the difference!

Event Organizers can see your profile when searching the Destination Marketplace, so you want to make sure you make it look great! The more complete your profile is, the more RFPs you're likely to win.

Complete your Playeasy Profile 

A complete profile is important. It helps Event Organizers get to know your space, builds trust and helps you win more events. The more complete your profile is, the higher up in the search you will be.  Tell people what makes your space(s) stand out and all that your Destination has to offer. A great profile includes:

  • The Basics. Provide an accurate location, name, and the type of Destination you are.
  • Detailed Description. Provide as much detail about your space as possible. (i.e. history, fun facts, food options available, etc.)
  • Photos.The best profiles have 6+ photos and a Venue map to show off the space in its entirety. Add at least 4 high-quality landscape (horizontal) photos to display in your images section. 
  • Logo. Add your brand logo to your profile. Make sure your logo image is in square dimensions.
  • Location Details. Provide your Destination's main address, and any additional details that would be valuable to potential Event Organizer partners.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures. We want to make it easy for Event Organizers to find venues that have taken extra precautions. If your Destination and Venues have enhanced safety measures in place, your listing will have the Enhanced COVID-19 Measures badge in search results. Be sure to list all precautions your venue is taking to ensure health & safety.
  • Sports Offered. There are currently 80+ sports that Event Organizers are able to choose from when looking for space. Be sure to include all sports that your Destination can host. Check out all the sports offered on Playeasy here 
  • Status. Are your venues currently able to host events?  Do you have limited availability?  Let Event Organizers know by updating your profile status.
  • Invite your Team. Do you have team members you want to invite to help manage your profile? Simply add them as managers to give them access. Managers can edit your profile and respond to messages and RFPs.