Dates & Times

In order to request multiple dates through Playeasy, you must created an Organization Profile, or associated under an existing Organization Profile. Register your Organization here.

Once you create an Organization Profile, or you are added as a Member under an existing Organization Profile, you may add as many dates as you need for your event. You may add more than one date by selecting “Add Dates” on the Dates page of your rental request, or by selecting “Recurring Dates,” where you can choose either Recurring Dates or Multi-Day event.

We recommend adding a max of six dates per event. The more dates you request, the harder it is for one single facility to fill.

  • What is “Multi-Day” on the Dates tab of my rental request?
    • If you are looking to run a multi-day event (i.e. camp, clinic, ..), you are able to set the time range, and how many days between you need for the event.
    • If you are looking to run an event Monday, January 1st– Friday, January 5th, select 1 day between January 1st– January 5thto complete your request.
  • What is “Recurring Dates” on the Dates tab?
    • Recurring dates are used when booking repeating dates throughout a season. (i.e. a team is looking to rent every Thursday from January 1st-March 1st from 7-9pm.) You may add recurring dates on your rental request by clicking “Recurring Dates” on the Dates page.