Communicating with renters

Good communication goes a long way in building trust with a customer. 

Facilities that respond to requests quickly (even if it’s to let the renter know they’re not interested) find more success on Playeasy. When a renter requests you, they’re waiting for a response. Be the first to reply to catch their attention.

Respond quickly and get hired.

A request shows the renter is interested in holding their event at your facility. It’s now up to you to win the event. Review the event details and respond quickly to the renter, answering any questions. Start providing a great experience from the get-go.

Respond to all requests

After seeing your profile in search results, renters can request to rent your facility.  If you're interested in hosting the event, respond quickly.  If you're not interested, it's important to let the renter know why so they are not waiting for your response.