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Track your events

Tracking all of your events can be difficult, so we have added a Calendar on your Facility Profile to help you organize all events on the site - pending and booked - in monthly, weekly, and daily views.  When you click on an event in your Calendar, it will take you directly to the Event Page.


Each color on your calendar represents the status of events in your pipeline:

  • Blue: Up for Bid Events
  • Orange: Direct Requested Events
  • Red: Offers you have made
  • Green: Booked Events
  • Gray: Refunded Events


Add events to external calendar

You are able to add any event booked through Playeasy to an external calendar.  Simply go to the event, and click the three small dots of the top right of the page.  Select "Export to calendar" and the event will be exported into your calendar.

Blocking dates

You are not currently able to block any dates on your calendar. If you are not able to host an event, simply select the Pass on this event button or click the "thumbs down icon" (or swipe left on a phone) to remove the event from your pipeline.  It takes seconds to remove any event in your pipeline that you are not able to host.

Listing available times

Not currently, but stay tuned as we continue to add additional features to our site!