Build your Following

Allow users to follow your Playeasy profile so you can reach and alert them when you post content.

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What does build your following mean?

Building your following means having users follow your Playeasy profile. Whenever you create a post, or other activity, they will be alerted.  You can also follow other Playeasy profiles so you will be alerted when they create a post or other activity.

Why would I want to build by following? 

Allow users to follow your Playeasy profile so you can reach and alert them whenever you create a post or event. 

It is important to build your following so your organization stays top of mind on the Playeasy network. Your followers will be alerted when you post, so with a push of a button you can alert your entire following about information you'd like to share. 

On the other hand, you can also follow other organizations on Playeasy. As soon as they post, you will receive an alert. This will help you stay informed, connected and build relationships. 

How to follow?

To follow any organization on Playeasy, go to their profile on the platform. From there, simply click  the follow button at the top of the page. If you change your mind and no longer want to follow that profile, click the unfollow button. They will be then removed from your following list and you will no longer receive alerts when they update their activity. 

How do I build my following?

Best practices to gain and engage followers:

  • Share your profile with others and ask them to follow your profile. All they have to do is click the 'Follow' button and they will instantly be alerted when you post or create a marketed event. 
  • Follow other organizations first. They will get alerted that they received a new follower and can easily follow you back.
  • Feel free to message profile you follow on the platform to increase brand awareness and start that relationship.
  • Next, you can market yourself by creating posts and content to engage your audience. Everyone has access to view posts and is a great strategy to increase following. 
  • In addition, you can begin to market events you have hosted or are planning to host. Your followers will get alerted and be able to view the events you have posted. This is a great tool to showcase what you can do with such a targeted audience! 
  • Also, you can share your Playeasy profile on other social networking platforms. People will be able to view your profile and follow you once they see everything your organization has to offer! 
  • Utilize our website embedding button to route people to your Playeasy profile. From there, they can easily follow you with a click of a button.